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Frequently Asked Questions at

Thanks to you, this is our opportunity to clarify some of the more common myths, confusions and misconceptions at If you have any other questions or comments that you would like to add to the list, please contact us.

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Q: Do you offer Medicare rebates?

Yes, eligible clients are able to claim Medicare rebates from their psychology sessions at Therapy Toolbox. To be eligible for a rebate, you must have a valid referral from your GP, or pediatrician. The amount that medicare provides is $93.35 per session for up to ten session per calander year.

Please contact us for more information.


Q: What is the difference between a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and counselor? Which one is for me?

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While there is cross-over in all of these roles, there are also significant differences.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has specialised in mental health. They work under a medical model to treat people with severe mental illnesses, usually (but not always) in a hospital setting. Psychiatrists often prescribe medications to help to manage symptoms of these mental illnesses.

Psychologists undertake similar academic pathways to psychiatrists and are registered under the same regulating body (AHPRA). Psychologists, however do not prescribe medications. Instead they prescribe courses of psychological therapy. They hold lengthy sessions with their clients to gradually challenge and adjust their thoughts and perceptions of the world around them. Psychologists also conduct formal testing, for example, official I.Q scores can only be diagnosed by a psychologist.

'Psychotherapist' and 'counselor' are essentially the same thing and are difficult to define because they are not formally regulated in Australia and there is no academic training or practical standard. Having said that, many are experts in the field with decades of clinical experience and impressive training and qualification portfolios.

At we employ both psychologists and psychotherapists, however we ensure that all of our clinicians at are AHPRA registered and have amassed many years of clinical practice and training.


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Q: I believe that I have symptoms of a certain condition but I have not seen this condition listed on your website, do you treat people with my condition?

At we understand that people are so much more than a diagnosis. Our psychologists and Counselors are experienced in a vast array of conditions and difficulties, however no two clients are the same. 

We all experience sadness, loss, fear, anger, jealousy at some point, and we all need some help occasionally too. It is a part of the normal Human Condition.

At Therapy Toolbox we treat the Human, not the Condition.

Q: Does Psychology actually work? Does it change anything?

Psychology is a social science. It is subject to the same scrutiny and testing as any other science that is used in healthcare. The biggest variable seems to be the client's readiness or willingness to accept some change. The psychologist's role is to identify and facilitate the correct changes. It can be hard work and uncomfortable and progress can be slow but the evidence-based tools and skills that you develop are yours to keep and to hone and to use when you need.

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Q: Do you offer Telehealth

Yes. Telehealth is an innovative way of providing therapy services and  it became a normal part of our lives during the pandemic. It allows clients to access support from the comfort of their own homes. It also makes it easier for those in rural and remote areas to reach out for help. By taking advantage of telehealth, you can ensure that your precious time is spent on the important things in life.

Some people, however, do have a preference for office based appointments. We, at can accommodate either telehealth or office-appointments at your preference.

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