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A new set of Tools for the Toolbox.

Therapy Toolbox have invested in a complete library of diagnostic and assessment toolkits. 

It surprises some of our clients to learn that official child and adult I.Q scores can only be measured by a registered psychologist!

Likewise an ADHD or Autism diagnosis is very rarely made by a GP, or pediatrician alone, without the prior consultation and assessment of a registered psychologist. 

Therapy Toolbox have now taken delivery of the necessary toolkits to conduct these comprehensive assessments; as well as many other diagnostic tools. 

So many clients go under-resourced and under-funded by their schools, or by the NDIS simply because they have not been able to access the appropriate assessments. Especially in remote and rural communities. 

We, at Therapy Toolbox aim to give as many children, and adults the chance to thrive at what matters the most. Being themselves!

Contact us now to enquire further, or to make personal or professional referrals. 


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